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Fermentation, in the words of Sandor Katz, is a transformative power of microorganisms. We live in a world dominated by single cell life forms. Over the centuries, humanity has learned not only to coexist with them, but to create a symbiotic relationship with them, using their metabolism to produce delicious and healthy foods: from pickled vegetables, through beverages and bread, up to cheeses and yoghurts.

fermXpert - Pickled foods

Pickled foods

Fruit an vegetables are the most basic substrate for fermentation, often spontaneous. This section contains not only information about lactofermented vegetables, but also pickles in general, or foods preserved by submerging them in acid, usually vinegar.

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fermXpert - Beverages


Bacteria and yeasts love to produce chemical compounds that not only create aroma and flavour, but sometimes even influence the human organism. This section contains information about homemade beverages of all sorts, both alcoholic and alcohol free, as well as vinegar.

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fermXpert - Bread


From the dawn of time, bread has been the foundation of nutrition in many human communities. Nowadays, it is consumed worldwide and has many different shapes, ingredients and flavours. In this section I present information on the fermentation of flour and the production of various baked goods, from bread and rolls to sweet cakes.

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fermXpert - Dairy products

Dairy products

Milk ferments naturally, creating soured milk. Depending on the bacterial strains present in it, milk can take many forms, from yoghurts, through soft white cheeses, up to hard cheese that require years to age. This section focuses on dairy products that can be obtained thanks to the process of fermentation.

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