About me

My name is Dominik Marczuk. Professionally, I’m a software engineer; privately, a husband, a father and an owner of a few pets. My hobby is the subject of fermentation.

It all gained traction in 2015, when I got into homebrewing, although I can trace my efforts to bake sourdough bread or make sauerkraut to the times when I was a student in Spain and I simply missed the flavours of my home country’s traditional cuisine. Over time, I expanded the pallette of delightful foods I regularly prepare at home. However, apart from cultivating centuries old culinary traditions and providing myself and my family with delicious foods, I’m also interested in the biochemistry of the processes that occur in fermented products.

My goal is to show everyone that it’s possible to befriend the bacteria and yeasts, learn their specific needs and preferences, so that they choose to cooperate and help with the preparation of extraordinary beverages, pickles, cheeses or bread.

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